We've Got Wood
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Got Wood?

Got Wood?

You’ve probably heard terms like “reclaimed wood” and “salvaged” thrown around a lot these days.  It’s no secret that the design world has seen a massive rise in the farmhouse and rustic aesthetic, with shows like Fixer Upper and Barnwood Builders espousing the trend.  This is great news for us, since many of our designs are crafted of reclaimed materials.  But what exactly does “reclaimed” mean anyway?  When we’re talking about wood and metal, reclaimed simply means that it was taken from its original application and re-purposed for something else.

We have over 100,000 board feet of reclaimed materials right here on our lot, salvaged from sources like barns, historic homes, and vinegar vats.  If you’ve never worked with reclaimed materials you might not realize all that goes into making them usable for applications such as furniture.  A 100 year old piece of barnwood might sound like a super cool thing to build a tabletop out of…and it is, but it often needs to go through quite a transformation first.  Reclaimed wood often needs to be dried, sanded, filled, and finished before it’s ready for use.

Our wood is available for purchase in finished form for whatever project you may have in mind.  Much of our stock is available in full thickness or “skins” which are thinner and perfect for wall treatments. Take a look at some of the lumber we have available.

(above) “Vinegar Wood” This unique wood is old growth douglas fir that was formerly the staves of vinegar barrels. The black markings were formed by the metal banding that held the barrels together.

20′ L x 5″ W x 2.75″ thick or skins in 4.5″ W x 3/8″thick                                            $8-10/sf depending on project size and quantity                                                          $50-60/sf for finished tabletops

(above) “Vinegar Vat Floor” This is the same old growth douglas fir that formed the floor of the vinegar vats.

5-18′ L x 5-11″ W x 2 3/4″thick                                                                                                skins: $8-10/sf depending on project size and quantity                                                          $50-60/sf for finished tabletops

(above) “Pickle Wood” This same wood came from pickle barrels (no it doesn’t smell like pickles).  You can see how the same wood can have a completely different look depending on how it was used.

84″ L x 4.5-8″ w x 1 1/2″ thick                                                                                                skins: $8-10/sf depending on project size and quantity                                                          $50-60/sf for finished tabletops

(above) “Maryland Hickory” This wood was salvaged from a 1840’s Maryland Farmhouse.

108″ L x 5.5″ W x 1/5″ thick                                                                                                      skins: $9-12/sf depending on project size and quantity                                           $50-$70/sf for 6/4 finished tops

(above) “Maryland White Oak” This wood formed the massive 3″ thick by 8″ wide floor joists of the above mentioned 1840’s Maryland farmhouse.

20′ l x 8″ w x 3″ thick                                                                                                                  $50-$70/sf for 6/4 finished tops

(above) “Crate Wood” Exactly what it sounds like – wood from old crates.

20″L x 2″W x 3/8″ thick                                                                                                         $10/sf

In addition to the stock shown above, we also have many other reclaimed woods as well as some new hardwoods including white oak, ambrosia maple, cherry, hard maple, and walnut. If you’re interested in purchasing a small or large amount for your next project, give us a call or come down to the showroom and take a look for yourself.  Our supply and pricing is subject to change. For inquiries email alex@forgedbydesign.com

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