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Steel – The other Side of Forged

Steel – The other Side of Forged

It seems that everyone likes to talk about the story and character of reclaimed wood these days which is exactly why we use it for so many of our projects.  But woodworking is only half of what we do at Forged By Design.  In fact our on-site steel shop is just as busy!  From signage to furniture, our steel products are designed and built in-house.

(above) photo credit to Jeff Jenova Photography

Almost all of our projects combine the strength, durability, and modern look of steel with the timeless beauty of wood. Take a look at some of our most popular products.

In addition to tables and vanities, we also design and build solid steel and steel/wood combo stair and rail systems.  With the addition of powder-coat finishing, our steel products can be customized to any color or finish.  Through the utilization of Sold Works 3D CAD design software we are able to engineer the perfect product for any space and preference.

(above) Our steel railings inside Orchard Hill Farm

We design and weld all of our laser-cut steel signage in-house.

(above) 12 ft laser-cut corten steel bird at The Outdoor Discovery Center


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