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Wall Skins

Wall Skins

We aren’t always making furniture.  Sometimes we’re making walls prettier! With over 100k board feet of reclaimed materials on hand, we’ve got plenty to choose from when planning a wall makeover.  Take a look at one of our most recent projects below.

We used reclaimed vinegar wood to give a dramatic result in this theatre room.  We think it really makes those Herman Miller Eames Chairs look great! 😉

One of the great things about wall skins is that we are able to get the most out of small bunks of unique one-of-a-kind wood.  We plane the boards down for use on walls which essentially gives us twice as much wood!

Almost all of the wood we have on hand was salvaged from local sources which means your wall not only receives a makeover, but a cool story too.  Wood can be left as is for extra rustic character or planed, sanded, and sealed for a smooth, washable, kid-friendly surface.

These reclaimed fruit crate boards on an accent wall bring warmth and character to the entire space. (below)

We left this heavily weathered barn wood as it was to preserve the deep grain that took decades to create. (above) While the smooth finish of the wall below is better suited to a family living space.

It’s not just walls that can be skinned.  We’ve also done ceilings and several signs including several here in our showroom.

Maryland oak skins on a curved bar surface at Big Lake Brewing in Holland, MI (above)

Skins of douglas fir from reclaimed vinegar vats cover this reception desk (above)

(Below) An accent wall giving this bathroom a warm, cottagy feel

(above) The grain and depth of this reclaimed pickle wood combine with a barrel-curve ceiling to make this custom wine cellar a showstopper.

There’s no limit to the creative applications that wall skins could be utilized.  If you’ve got a project in mind give us a call or stop in to talk about the options and how we can help.  Our wall- skin prices generally range from $8-$12/sf which does not include installation (although we’re happy to do that too!)



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